Strait-Flex Tuff Tape 30M

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Tuff-Tape, from Strait-Flex, is ideal for flat seams and inside corners and where paper drywall tape has failed. For novices, Tuff-Tape is easier to apply than paper tapes. It will not soften or sag; and resists blisters, tears, and common cracking problems. Tuff-Tape cuts easily with a scissors or utility knife, is applied with all-purpose joint compound, and will not rust. Manufactured from Strait-Flex's patented composite material, it is extremely strong, will not fuzz-up when sanding, and stronger than paper and mesh tape.

    • Two times stronger than paper tape and mesh tapes. Outperform paper and mesh tapes.
    • Inside corners and flat seams.
    • Use in areas where humidity causes paper tape to fail and when strength and speed is required. 
    • Resists blisters, tears, and common cracking problems. Waterproof. Rustproof.
    • Elongates without breaking.
  • Spans small gaps in drywall.

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