Strait-Flex Medium 30M

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You can expertly finish 90º inside corners and intricate off angles, with Strait-Flex Medium Drywall Corner Tape. Slightly thinner than Strait-Flex Original, Medium resists dents and paint chipping, cuts easily with a scissors or utility knife, is applied with all-purpose joint compound, and will not rust. Manufactured from Strait-Flex's patented composite material, it is extremely strong, will not fuzz-up when sanding, and is stronger than paper tape.

    • Creates perfect inside 90º corners and angled corners.
    • Commercial Top Out applications where drywall meets concrete ceilings.
    • Inside angles of bay windows.
    • Inside ceiling corners.
    • Straightens minor framing irregularities.
    • Two times stronger than paper tape.
    • Twice as fast as paper or mesh tapes.
    • Slightly thinner than Original.
  • Slotted edges ensure superior bond.

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