Size: 13” - 2” Head - 50mm
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DEWALT‘s patent-pending mud mixers are designed and engineered to reduce drag and wear on your power drill by over 20% – this means they not only make your work more efficient but also enable you to get more mileage out of your machine.

The unique shaft on our mud mixers enables a splatter-free operation by pulling material down into the center of the mixer head unlike traditional designs which throw material against the bucket, often dispersing it upwards and outwards. The mixing action of our DEWALT pro mixing paddles virtually eliminates the introduction of air bubbles and the universal mixing attachment offers outstanding performance for the majority of power drills on the market.

  • Premium carbon steel
  • Plated for corrosion protection and easy cleanup
  • 20% reduction on power drill drag/wear
  • Smooth paddle edges won’t scrape plastic from the mixing bucket
  • Mixing action eliminates the introduction of air bubbles
  • Ideal for drywall joint compound, grout, plaster, paint, etc.
  • Universal mixing attachment
  • Patent pending

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