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Filta Nilfisk Alto Microfibre Vacuum Cleaner Bags (5 Pack)

Microfibre vacuum dust bags, for wet and dry vacuums and work shop vacuums. Filta dust bags are made tough, providing high performance dust extraction and dust retention. Compatible with DeWalt, Nilfisk, Karcher and other leading brands.

Microfibre dust bags maintain strong suction even as the bag fills up, through Increased airflow.

  • Optimum air filtration captures fine dust particles including drywall dust
  • Traps 99.5% of dust particles for more efficient and healthy cleaning

Applicable Models:

10L,1250w (20L S/Steel Wet & Dry),2001, 3000 PLUS, 2701 TE, 2731 TE, A 2200 – A 2299, A 2500 – A 2599, A 2600 – A2699, A 2900 – A 2999 A 3100 – A 3199, 6959130 MV 3 PREMIUM, NT20/1, PROT 200, PRONT 200, PRONT 400, WD 3 PREMIUM, WD 3.5 PREMIUM, WD 3.000 – WD 3.900, WD3.500P,,920,Alle, Bully, Collecto, Multicraft, RB14, RB 50-52, RB57, RB60, RB70, RB500, RB510, RB520, RB700, RB720, RB800-839, RB850, RB860, RB870, RD200, RD215, RU01-15, RU020, RU065, RU070, RU071, RU100-110, RU600, RU605, RU630, RU635, ZR81, ZR815, ZR817,ALTO AERO: 20, 25, 26, 30, 26-21PC, 400, 440, 840A, ATTIX: 3, 5 350-01, 360-11, 360-2 DTV5, DTV7,,Aqualux, Masterlux V65, Z55, Z85 (Wet & Dry),AS250 ECP,AS7, AS10, Wet, Tradesman, Janitor CV15, CB15P, A-031B, PV100, PVW100, ABS, SEMI200, 20L Wet & Dry Outrigger,Aspira & Asciuga, (Same as Delonghi M31 but no pump),Bantam 6,CEO 49VC (Wet & Dry),Duo Aquaclean U55, U65, U76, U78, U85, U505, Trio,Extratec 30,GNP22, GB32,HC2003WD 15 litre, Workshop, 15L Wet and Dry, Outrigger,Hydropro 21,M5,MEZZO,Millros,Morv 1250,Multivac M31, Penta XD1000, XW1200,NILCO,PAS 1121, 10/20, UniversalVac 15,Power Force (M10 machine), Varo,SE60, SE60E, SE61, SE62, SE120,SEM 1200, 1600 WD,Small Kerrick Machines, Lava, Roky 103, Yes Play, Vegas 202,Super 40, 808 Series,Supervac 1,Supervac 1, 140,Tough 15,UNI203 (Wet & Dry),Valet (V20), Valet (V30), Valet (VH),VC15,VC2012L,VC23RG,VX50, VX51, VX90,Wizard (Wet & Dry), PULL 10LD, Karcher, Makita, Lavor, Mezzo, Morgan, Pacvac, Ozito, Pullman, Power Force, Ryobi, Stihl, Supervac, Thomas, Truvox,Vetrella, Wertheim, Wetrok, Wirbel, Black & Decker, Bosch, Delonghi, Ghibli, Hako, Nilfisk, Rowenta, Duravac Maxum, shopvac, Toolpro 35Lt

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