GrizzlyPRO 10W LED Work Light

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Grizzly Polar Max 10w LED Worklight

This is that moment where it’s the little things that create the greatest impact. GrizzlyPRO bring you a lighting solution to avoid that constant frustration everywhere you go!
The Polar Max rechargeable LED work light is a reliable and portable solution.

Don’t be put off by its size, Grizzly’s Polar Max can shine just as bright as other lights on the market, with a powerful 1200 Lumens and long-lasting integrated COB LED technology, this model will more than meet your demands for many years.

The compact GrizzlyPRO Polar Max work light is perfect for those who need the best light at their fingertips. From handymen to the working professional, such as painters and decorators, the Polar Max shines at the ultimate colour temperature of 5700K (daylight) ensuring you can inspect your work at the highest clarity all while easily sitting in the palm of your hand.

GrizzlyPRO lights project a wash light. A “wash” will bathe an area with light and have “soft” edges on the beam. Washes are great for evenly lighting up large areas.

From a handheld light to one that can sit or hang, Grizzly has equipped the Polar Max with a multi-use fold-out arm for versatile uses such as sitting the light to enable light projection at angles up to 120-degrees, or by utilizing the built-in industrial heavy-duty magnet or hanger hook, all allowing for greater light demands without compromising function.

With the work light’s USB-C power outlet, the device acts as a power bank allowing you to charge your phone or device on the go.

The Grizzly Pro rechargeable series really does pack quite the punch.


  • Lumens: 1,200 Lumens high, 600 lumens low, 10W
  • Colour temperature: 5700k
  • USB (5V 1A) Rechargeable lithium-ion internal battery 4500mah, 3.7V
  • Run time approx. 4 hours high, 6 hours low
  • Charging time approx. 2.5 Hours
  • Battery level indicator: No
  • Integrated magnet: Yes
  • Overall dimensions: 97mm x 104mm x 40mm
  • Waterproof level: IP65
  • Includes USB Type-C charging cable

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