Scangrip Tripod

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Stationary, flexible positioning of the work lighting

With the SCANGRIP THREE-FOOT STAND, you are equipped for any work task where flexible lighting is the key point. The tripod is height-adjustable from 1.35 m to 3 m and thus offers the possibility to adjust the lighting angle and height as desired.

When folded, the tripod is compact and weighs only 6 kg.
Thanks to the robust construction of the tripod, it is also completely pulled out safely. The tripod comes with safety brackets that provide extra stability when the tripod is exposed to strong winds or stands on an uneven surface. For increased safety, the cable can be attached to any of the three legs with a small cable clip.

With its strong, powder-coated steel construction and sophisticated design, the SCANGRIP THREE-FOOT STAND is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor tasks.

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