Scangrip Vega Lite 1500 C+R LED

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VEGA LITE C+R is a part of a range of three innovative, sturdy, lightweight LED floodlights for the demanding craftsman, which provides high quality illumination to a variety of indoor and outdoor areas.

The robust housing of the VEGA LITE C+R is made of a highly shock-resistant plastic material, perfect for a working environment. Since the LEDs do not produce heat, there is no fire hazard when using the floodlight.

With a lightweight design, high performance and durability, the VEGA LITE C+R offers a strong light output and high quality at an attractive price.

Floodlight with high flexibility

VEGA LITE C+R is equipped with SCANGRIP's DUAL SYSTEM, which means that it is both a rechargeable flood light and can be used with the included 5-meter cable for increased flexibility.

VEGA LITE C+R is also designed with an integrated carrying handle and a stand for direct mounting of the lamp on the SCANGRIP TRIPOD.

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