Wallboard Tools Tornado Pivot Blade Drill Mixer

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The easy to clean, USA made Tornado Mixer is arriving soon and set to make bucket and pail gouging a thing of the past.  This innovative mixer features a specially shaped, pivoting polypropylene blade and 700mm long steel shaft.

The pivoting motion and the design of the blade helps to clear materials from the side of the buckets without gouging and mix in an upward motion further helping to reduce the occurrence of lumps.

  • The durable polypropylene mixing paddle, virtually eliminates bucket gouging due to polypropylene on plastic mixing
  • Easy flow design reduces the occurrence of lumps
  • Pivoting paddle acts as a squeegee to pull material off the sides of the bucket while mixing material in an upward motion
  • Compound cleans off plastic easier and faster than a traditional mixer
  • Mixer comes with a 700mm shaft that will fit any standard mixing drill
  • Made in USA

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